House & Rooms


Entire House Rental

The entire house with three bedrooms can be rented with kitchen access. We will be on hand for any housekeeping or other pecial needs. If you would like to have breakfast or an occasional meal prepared, we can arrange that for a small free.  All three bedrooms have the option of one king-size bed or two singles (let us know in advance).

The whole house is $103 USD per night, most easily paid through airbnb.


Blue Room

The BlueRoom is separate from the house with 2 pairs of  large colonial doors that open to the portico and also to the courtyard. It has a sitting area, overhead and pedestal fans, a hammock and large bathroom. The Blue Room is $41 USD per night.

Rose Room

The entrance to the Rose Room is off the main sala. It can be reserved with or without the Yellow Room. The Rose Room by itself is $41 USD per night.

Adjoining Rooms

Two adjoining bedrooms, the Rose Room and the Yellow Room, with a shared bath room. Each has its own door lock and separate entrance. The Rose Room is off the main sala and the Yellow Room is off the portico and the dining room. Large double doors between the rooms can be open or closed and locked. Ideal for families. Each has it’s own sitting area. Both rooms have king size beds that can be converted to twin beds.
The price for both rooms is $77 USD per night.

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